Learn How to Ride a Jet Ski Like the Pros

Jet Ski Like The Pros

It looks so effortless and cool in the movies, our super-spy jumps on the nearest jet ski and makes good his escape. In reality, though, it does take a little time to learn how to ride a jet ski. It seems as though it should be easy, but you will notice that no jet skies that are hired out are unscathed.

They have powerful engines and a lot of beginners get into trouble trying to get them to stop before hitting an object. Turning is also not as easy as you might think it would be.

In this post, Find More Outdoors is going to give you a crash course in handling these personal watercrafts so that you don’t end up in a crash of your own.

Remember These Top Tips

  • Slack off on the throttle to allow yourself to break for turns.
  • The tighter your turn is going to be, the more gas you need.
  • Only slow down when facing straight.
  • Work on keeping an eye on the situation to the front, back and sides.
  • When turning, lead into it .

Ready to Learn from Scratch?

Starting up the engine is pretty easy – you will normally just need to turn the key and away it goes. Most newer models come with an emergency cut-off switch. One end is attached to the craft and one to your wrist, if you let go or fall off, this will switch the craft off.

Always make sure that you wear that when getting on. Also, do ask the owner for some tips. Some companies renting out the crafts will be happy to give you a quick lesson to get you started.

Once you are out on your own, though, there is something that you should never forget. Unlike a motorbike or car, loosening up on the throttle will affect your ability to steer. So, if you want to turn, you need to goose the gas – the tighter the turn, the harder you have to work.

You also have to realize that you are still a beginner. That means staying at a reasonable speed and leaving the daredevil antics for someone else. Unless you are skilled, avoiding other people on the water is harder than you might think.

To start out with, try going int a straight line. Then let go of the throttle until you slow right down. Then hit the throttle again and this time turn the handlebars slightly. Lean into the curve as you are turning. If you want to stop, straighten out again and let go of the throttle. (There are no brakes here.)

Do this a few times and you will be ready to take on the world in next to no time.


Water craft are seen as a fun “toy.” And, while they can be fun, they are also powerful and dangerous. It is better to learn how they operate slowly and build your skills from there, than to try and act like your favorite Bond hero straight away.

If you are tempted remember one small thing – there are other people in the water as well. What happens if you injure one of them?

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