Learning How to Water Ski

How To Water Ski

Are you interested in trying out a new water sport? Have you ever thought about water skiing? If you have, there is probably some concern in the back of your mind about how to water ski. It isn’t after all, a natural movement for our bodies.

Which also means that people may battle to learn it. And, to be fair, if you are not given the right instruction to start off with, it is something that will seem to be practically impossible to accomplish. You could find yourself being dragged through the water face first and then who would blame you for giving up?

But what if you were able to learn quickly and easily. In a manner that keeps you on your feet at all times? Wouldn’t it be worth giving a try then? In this post, we are going to give you some expert tips that will have you looking like an old pro in next to no time at all. Before you hit the water make sure that your marine battery chargers have been working to keep your boat charged.

Step One

Before you even get out on the water, you need to get your posture right. To do this, you are going to fasten a length of ski rope and a handle securely to a pole or door. Stretch it out to its maximum and then practice pinching the shoulder blades together, lifting the ribcage as high as possible and arching your back.

All three of these together will ensure that you have the perfect starting posture. Now, still holding this position, lean backwards and start pushing your hips up and in the direction of the handle. The handle must stay stationary.

You want to reach a position where your hips are facing up and about eight inches from the handle. You will be practically lying down parallel to the floor. This is one of the positions that you need to know.

Your knee position is next. Your knees should be slightly ahead of the ankles so that you shins are angled to the front.

Step Two

Now we know how to stand, we are going to learn how to sit. Keep hold of the handle and then squat. Your knees should touch, but your feet should be hip-width apart. It will feel a little strange so practice it until it becomes second habit. This is the starting position on the water.

Step Three

For your first time out, you are not going to ride in the wake of a boat. Rather you will be using a barefoot boom. This is a pole that is on the side of the boat. You hold onto that while practicing your positions with little chance of falling off.

Practice standing, and once you have the hang of that, you can progress to using a short rope and handle. Again, take it slowly, master each of your positions before moving on to the next.


The secret that pro water-skiers are loathe to share is that it is easier than it looks. As long as you practice your three positions until the come naturally to you, you will enjoy your time on the water and look pretty impressive too.

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