Should I Buy A New or Used Boat?

New Or Used Boat

So, you are in the market for a boat. Where do you start – it is better to get a new or used boat? It’s a good question, and not as easy to answer as you might think. There are advantages and disadvantages to each choice.

Let’s examine both options and then you can decide what is best for you.

Why You Might Want to Stick with New

Let’s be honest, if money wasn’t an issue, most of us would go with new. Be sure to take a look at this marine battery chargers guide if you’re new to boating. A new boat is a good idea if:

  • You don’t want to worry about how well, or badly, it was cared for by the previous owner.
  • Your interest is in the latest technology on the market today.
  • You want an expanded range of choice – not just what someone happens to be selling.
  • Your mechanical tinkering skills are not great, and you wouldn’t have an idea of how to fix something if it went wrong.
  • You want the max lifespan out of your purchase.
  • A warranty is important to you.
  • You would like to customize it exactly as you like and to suit your needs.
  • You prefer to avoid that niggling question, “If this boat is so great, why is the owner getting rid of it?”

Why You Might Want to Stick With Used

That’s not to say that there is anything wrong with second-hand. As long as you do your research, which would be true in the case of a new model anyway, you should make a good pick. A used model is a good idea if:

  • You want to save a fair amount on the price. Just like a car depreciates as you drive it out of the showroom, your watercraft will as well. This can help you as the second owner save a lot of money.
  • It is something of an experiment for you – you don’t know if you really are going to enjoy owning and using this model. If you decide that later it is not for you, at least you don’t lose a lot of your money.
  • You want to get more features at a lower price, which translates over time at a lower overall lifetime cost.
  • You are still learning. You know how you really should not buy a new driver a brand-new car? The same logic applies here. It could be nice to have a model that already has a little character so that the odd new scrape won’t make you feel so bad.
  • You’re okay with not getting the very latest tech. in fact, it could be an advantage to get something tried and tested.
  • You like tinkering with engines. That means that if there are issues, you could fix them fairly easily for yourself.


Hopefully, this post will help you figure out which option suits you best. While we all like the shiny and new models, they might not always be the best choice. Do some more research and choose something that fits your lifestyle and your pocket. Then hit the water and have fun.

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